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Donald Trump on Guns


The stance of Donald Trump on guns remained consistent in defending second amendment rights throughout his 17-month presidential campaign. Several campaign promises were made by Donald Trump on guns and he plans to move swiftly in overturning pro-gun control executive orders previously signed by past presidents.

Gun owners can expect some big changes in policy if these changes are carried out by the new administration and Congress. We will outline the plans of Donald Trump on guns moving forward and look at the Trump stance on guns throughout the years.

Donald Trump on Guns During his Presidential Campaign

The position of Donald Trump on guns was largely in favor of the Constitution throughout his campaign. Through this belief, the plan of Donald Trump on guns is to carry out the following:

● Eliminate gun free zones on military bases and recruiting centers allowing military members to defend themselves through concealed carry.

● Institute a National Right to Carry to allow concealed carry in all 50 states.

● Improve the background check system for gun owners.

● Eliminate bans on all guns and magazines, not allowing the government to dictate what firearms can or cannot be owned.

Trump vowed to protect and defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves. At the same time, Trump plans to enforce the law and get serious when it comes to the prosecution of violent gun crimes.

The additional plans for Donald Trump on guns include bringing back Project Exile and fixing the mental health system. Project Exile plans to get drug dealers and gang members off the street to make all communities a safer place to live in. Trump also believes in expanding treatment programs in the mental health system to prevent any more mass murder shootings.

Donald Trump 2nd Amendment Plan

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump pledged to defend the Constitution of the United States. In the view of Donald Trump, 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms are a liberty granted to the American people. Trump believes the second amendment should be taken verbatim as it is stated on his campaign website:

"Defend the Second Amendment of our Constitution. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period." - Donald Trump

There is the potential for President Trump to make multiple appointments to the Supreme Court during his term. Any newly appointed Supreme Court justices will need to align with Donald Trump on the 2nd Amendment. This includes the following requirements when it comes to the Constitution:

● Defend the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States.

● Uphold freedoms, constitutional values, and principles that the United States was founded on.

● Protect all Constitutional liberties

● Defend the Bill of Rights in protecting the freedom of religion, speech, press, and right to bear arms.

Donald Trump Gun Control Views

The stance of Donald Trump on guns was not always as clear as it was during his campaign. His gun control views in 2000 included supporting the ban of deadly assault weapons.

"I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record." - Donald Trump

The position of Donald Trump on gun control was expanded in 2015 to allow all law-abiding citizens to own any type of firearm. Trump specifically supported the ownership of semi-automatic rifles and standard magazines.

There are only a few scenarios where Donald Trump supports gun control. Trump is against gun ownership for terrorists, enemies of the state, and anyone on the no-fly list.

"If somebody is on a watch list and an enemy of state, and we know it's an enemy of state, I would keep them away, absolutely." - Donald Trump

Donald Trump Concealed Carry Stance

Gun owners can breathe easier for the next four years as Trump has promised to protect their second amendment rights to own a firearm. Trump himself has a concealed carry permit and claims to carry a concealed weapon himself for protection.

The stance of Donald Trump on concealed carry is to allow constitutional carry for all 50 states. There are a lot of variations in concealed carry law from state to state . Congress has already introduced the "Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017" bill which would allow for Constitutional Carry in all 50 U.S. states and eliminate these variations.

If Congress coincides with the view of Donald Trump on guns, regulations on firearms will continue to be reduced. Now is the time for gun owners to stock up on ammo. Ammunition Store offers a large inventory that includes a variety of pistol ammo, rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, rimfire ammo, and other bulk ammo. In addition, our online store also features magazines, machine gun parts, and other firearm parts and accessories.

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