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.308 Win. Primed Brass Cases, Lake City, Never Fired 200 ct.

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Case: Brass

Primer Type: Boxer

Amount: 200 pieces

Notes: These cases came from de-milled military ammunition. These primed & annealed cases have never been fired. They are essentially brand new cases. They have the normal Lake City spotting but, once loaded, they will shine up nicely in your vibratory tumbler. They have crimped primers. Like with all new brass, it is recommended that you resize the neck of this brass before loading to ensure that you have consistent neck tension. This can be accomplished by removing the de-capping pin from your resizing die. We have found some of these to be longer than the SAAMI Spec. of 2.015, so they may need trimming.

As is the case with all de-milled products, you may find a few mixed headstamps. However, from what we’ve seen, nearly all of this brass is manufactured by Lake City.

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