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8mm Barrel ANM2 Browning Machine Gun, US Mfg, New in BLACKNITRIDE™

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Type: 8mm Mauser barrel for the AN/M2 High Speed .30 cal Browning Machine Gun.

Description: This barrel is for the aircraft  .30 AN/M2. This barrel is NOT for the standard .30 cal 1919A4 machine guns. This barrel is also made for the 8mm Mauser cartrige and assumes that you have converted the original firearm to shoot the 8mm cartridges.

This is a new, unfired barrel that has been finished in BLACKNITRIDE™ by the experts at H&M Metal Processing.

Click here for a description of this incredibly hard and wear resistant metal finishing process.

Please make sure you know what kind of machine gun you have!! THIS IS NOT FOR 1919A4, 1919A4 barrels are larger and not interchangeable. There are no returns on this item. There seems to be a large number of machine gun owners that don’t know what kind of mg they have etc... If you have a Browning .30 ANM2 mg this is the barrel you want. Barrel is 24" long, and is 3/4" across on the outside of the threaded end. If you have ANY other mg and order this barrel, it won’t fit.


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