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Advantages of Buying Bulk Ammo


Buying bulk ammo has become increasingly popular in the last few years for many reasons. For one, buying almost any product in bulk is a surefire way to cut down on your costs. In the case of ammunition, you will find the best cost per round by buying bulk ammo cases or even better by buying ammunition by the pallet. Additionally, buying bulk ammo and storing it for future use is a good way to guarantee your favorite hard to find rounds (we're looking at you, 22LR rounds!) are available when you need them. Additionally, if you are concerned with elevating ammunition prices, purchasing a bulk amount now can lock you in at the price right now. The price of ammunition often fluctuates based on demand, so this can either help or hurt you. If ammo prices drop after you make a bulk ammo order, you may regret your decision. However, it is far more common to see ammunition prices increase as time goes on, and many people do purchase bulk ammo just so they can secure a price they are comfortable with.

There are a number of advantages to buying ammunition in bulk. Whether its bulk handgun ammo or bulk shotgun ammo, buying any caliber ammunition in bulk offers many advantages that explain why large orders of ammunition may make sense for you.

1. Get Cheaper Prices on Ammo You Need

When you purchase ammunition in bulk, you're not just saving money on your initial purchase by getting a better cost per round, but you also

2. Save on Shipping

Buy buying ammunition in bulk, you won't just save on the ammunition but you will also save on the shipping. This can be especially true if you opt for freight shipping by ordering by the pallet. Shipping 100 cases of a certain ammunition product would certainly add up to more over the long run than one big shipment containing the same amount. This is largely because the major package delivery companies tend to overcharge a bit for smaller packages to ensure they are still profitable shipments to make.

3. Lock in Availability

If a certain hard to find ammunition is in stock, in bulk at a fair price, you may want to buy it while it's available. We all know the pains of waiting too long to buy a certain caliber and then all of a sudden you can only find it once in awhile, or at very inflated prices. If you go through a lot of rounds and have ever been frustrated by a certain caliber's sudden unavailability, buying bulk ammo is a great way to avoid that headache altogether.

4. The "Zombie Apocalypse"

While we're sure we got your attention with the Z word, we're using the term "zombie apocalypse" as a metaphor for a catastrophic or political event that could result in big changes to our daily way of life. Whether you are preparing for World War 3 or an asteroid collision, it is not a bad idea to have a stockpile of ammunition in an effort to be prepared for what the worst of humanity or mother nature could bring. Many speculate that in such an event, ammunition would even serve as a form of currency. In the event that things get to that point, having a stockpile of various ammunition calibers on hand would definitely put you at an advantage compared to the average citizen. Whether or not these are realistic or paranoid things to worry about is debatable, but this is not the forum for that. If you are concerned with the oncoming "zombie apocalypse" whether its a civil war, major meteorological event or some other catastrophe, there's not much debating that having a lot of ammunition on hand in such an event would put you, your family and friends at a distinct advantage.

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