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Purchase high-quality 50 BMG ammo for sale from our selection below. This Browning 50 cal machine gun ammunition, also known as 12.7x99mm by NATO standards, has been in service since 1921. 50 BMG ammo have been primarily used in military operations, which includes conflicts dating back as far as World War II. The United States military used 50 BMG Ammo with the popular M2 Browning Machine Gun in vehicles and aircraft.

The 50 BMG ammo cartridge was developed as a scaled-up version of the .30-06 Springfield. This makes it an excellent round to use for long-range targeting as it has been known to accurately hit targets from over 1,000 yards away. Browse our selection of 50 BMG ammo for sale from prestigious ammunition brands like Wolf Ammo and Remington Ammo.

[Click here for 50 BMG ammo specifications]