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Wolf Ammuniton Spotlight


The Wolf Ammo brand is owned by Sporting Supplies International headquartered in Anaheim, California. While American owned, Wolf Ammunition is made internationally in Russia, Germany, Serbia, Taiwan and other countries.

Like most foreign ammunition, Wolf Performance is sold at an affordable price. However, it differs from its competition by providing gun owners with high-quality non-corrosive cartridges.

Wolf Performance offers product lines for both the civilian market and military use. Wolf Ammunition supplies ammo for all types of firearms including rifle ammo, rimfire ammo, pistol ammo, and shotgun ammo.

Wolf Gold

The Wolf Gold line of ammo is mostly produced by Prvi Partizan in Serbia. The Wolf Gold 223 55 grain FMJ ammo is made in Taiwan.

Different from other lines, premium Wolf Gold cartridges have a brass casing and use boxer primers for easier reloading. The high-quality components of Wolf Gold ammunition make it both accurate and precise for tactical and hunting applications.

Wolf Gold ammo comes in a numerous variety of calibers making it popular in the civilian market. Bullet options include full metal jacket, hollow point, and soft point.

Popular Wolf Gold ammunition includes:

Wolf Polyformance and WPA Military Classic

Wolf Performance Ammunition that features a steel case comes marketed as either Wolf Polyformance or Military Classic brands. The two lines both use berdan primers and often include full metal jacket, hollow point, and soft point bullet types. The Military Classic brand had often featured the traditional lacquer style coating on the cases, but has recently been moving to the more advanced polymer case coating known for its superior heat resistance.

Both the Wolf Polyformance and WPA Military Classic ammunition lines are made up of traditionally military calibers. Yet both are still very popular with civilian hunters and sportsmen.

Popular calibers of ammo for these lines include:

Wolf Rimfire

Wolf Rimfire ammo is both consistent and accurate making it popular line with sportsmen. This Olympic grade Wolf Rimfire ammo is great for competition and one of the most accurate .22 rimfire cartridges on the market.

Most of the Wolf 22LR rimfire ammo is produced by SK Hunting and Sporting Ammunition in the German Districts of Salzlandkreis and Saxony-Anhalt. With the popularity of the Wolf Ammunition brand, target shooters are thus able to take advantage of some of the incredibly accurate SK 22LR ammo at very affordable prices.

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