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Ammo Storage Best Practices - Do's and Don'ts


If you buy ammo then you also need to be prepared to purchase the proper storage for it. While ammunition is typically built to endure most environments, there are proper precautions to take to keep your ammo in the best condition and ready to use when you need it most.

It is best to store your ammo indoors in a dry place where the temperature remains consistent all year round. You will also want to store your ammo in a safe and secure place, especially in terms of long-term storage.

Below are some of the do’s and don'ts of storing your ammunition.

Storage Temperature Range for Ammo

Temperatures can become extreme in the winter and summer months and affect the nitrocellulose in your gun powder. If the temperature rises too high, your ammo can begin to sweat as the nitrocellulose inside starts to take a gas form.

Gas typically begins to seep out of your cartridge at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This leakage can cause an imbalance inside your ammo changing the pressure in your firearm chamber. This can lead to significant inaccuracy upon firing. While the temperature outside may not reach that high, places like the inside of your vehicle have the potential to.

Reversely, freezing temperatures may not lead to a loss of powder in your cartridge, but it has a large possibility of changing the ballistic performance of your bullets. This can particularly affect the accuracy of shots fired with long-range  rifle ammo.

It is recommended to store your ammunition at room temperature whenever possible. Storing your supply in  ammo cans and ammo containers will also help prevent your ammunition from being exposed to extreme temperatures.

30 Cal Ammo Can USGI Unissued

Prevent Ammo Exposure to Humidity & Moisture

Humidity is the worst enemy of your ammo supply. Cartridges consistently exposed to moisture and high humidity areas have a high chance of becoming corroded. This is especially true for cartridges with brass casing.

If corroded, your cartridges may not fit properly when chambered in your firearm. Once this happens you will have no other choice except to discard the corroded rounds.

Some of the worst places to store your ammo are damp basements, on or in the ground, or anywhere on the floor. These places leave your cartridges susceptible to unexpected substance leaks and moisture.

If you do not have a  dry storage box, the best temporary solution is to store your ammunition on high shelves or wooden pallets. This will prevent your supply from being exposed to spills, accidentally getting knocked on the ground, or finding the hands of unwanted individuals.

Still, the best place to store your cartridges is in an air-tight, water-tight  ammo container or ammo can. You can additionally put silica gel packs within your ammunition containers to eliminate any excess moisture within. Ammunition Store offers a large selection of ammo cans and containers available at discounted prices.

The best thing to remember when storing your ammo is the drier the environment the better.

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Store Supply in Ammo Can or Container

There is no better place to store your ammo than in the original can or container that you bought it in. Keeping your cartridges in their original box typically leads to less movement and less chance of your cartridges becoming scratched, dented, or dinged up.

In addition, original containers are typically labeled so you will know exactly which ammo and the number of rounds are in each container.

While this is the ideal scenario, we know that not all ammunition is purchased new or in its original container. This should not stop you from purchasing an  ammo container to keep your ammunition safe, secure, and unexposed. Ammunition Store offers a large selection of quality ammo cans including 20mm30 Caliber30mm40mm, and 50 BMG ammo containers.

50 Cal Ammo Can M2A1 Israeli Military Grade 1

Organize Your Supply

If you are storing ammo that is different from the cans original markings, then be sure to label each container to avoid confusion later on. In addition, you should always store different caliber cartridges separately. Never mix different size shells.

Always keep your stock rotated. Label your ammo cans with the date that you purchased the ammunition. Use the oldest rounds first when leaving for target practice. Keep your most recently purchased ammo ready for later if a situation arises.

You can restock your ammo supply today through our online store. Ammunition Store offers a large selection of  bulk ammo50 BMG ammopistol ammorifle ammorimfire ammo, and more. Be sure to also choose from a variety of ammo cans & containers to properly store your ammo supply.

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