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What Is Our Best Shotgun Ammo - Our Most Popular Shotgun Ammo Rounds


Whether you're looking for 410 Gauge, 12 gauge, or 20 gauge shotgun ammo, we have an awesome selection of shotgun ammunition in our online Ammunition Store from great brands like Wolf AmmoLapuaFederal Premium Ammunition, and Remington Ammo.

You can browse our selection of  410 gauge shotgun ammo and 20 gauge shotgun ammo, but by far our most popular selling shotgun ammo is 12 gauge. Today, we'd like to look at a few of our best selling shotgun ammo products to see what has proven to be high quality ammo available at some of the best prices for shotgun ammo around.

12 Gauge Ammo Power Rifled Slug Wolf Performance 250 Round Case

Made by the well reputed SK Lapua in Germany and imported by Wolf Performance Ammunition, this 12 gauge rifled slug has a length of 2 3/4". Available in bulk by the 250 round case, this item is one of our best selling shotgun calibers for a reason. This shotgun ammo features a non-corrosive powder as well as a non-corrosive primer. With a velocity of 1400 ft/s, this reliable load is especially useful in game hunting and tactical applications, compatible with rifled barrels and smooth bores alike.

12 Gauge Ammo 00 Buck Power Buckshot Wolf Performance 9 Pellet 250 Round Case

Also made by SK Lapua in Germany and imported by Wolf Ammo, the 12 Gauge 00 Buck Power Buckshot 9 Pellet ammo is another of our best selling 12 gauge shotgun ammo. This 12 Gauge buckshot contains 9 hard hitting pellets and boasts a velocity of 1,325 ft/s. Featuring non-corrosive primers and powders, this high quality dual purpose load has numerous applications, including hunting, tactical and home defense.

12 Gauge Ammo 2 3/4" 00 Buck 8 Pellet Federal Tactical (LE13300) 250 Round Case

This Federal Premium ammo is an 8 pellet load and capable of an 1,145 ft/s velocity. Featuring Federal Premium's well known FliteControl® Wad, this ammo is capable of transforming your everyday shotgun into a precision shooter. This is a top of the line buckshot round and one of the tightest buckshot patterns available for law enforcement. Best of all, no expensive barrel alterations or aftermarket choke tubes are necessary. Through the use of special law enforcement agency ammo trade in programs, this tactical shotshell is now made available to the general public.

If there is a brand of 12 Gauge shotgun ammunition you would like to see us carry in our online Ammunition Store, let us know and we will see if we can order it for you!

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