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Popular 9mm Guns for Home Defense


Noted for its compact size, reliability, and versatility, the 9mm pistol is one of the most widely used guns for home defense. As an added bonus, in addition to providing personal home protection, the 9mm is also an ideal choice for conceal carry or sport shooting.

Though all 9mm guns share some similarities, specific features can vary based on model and manufacturer. Take a look at these five popular guns for home defense to determine which might be the best choice to protect your home.

Glock 19 (Gen4)

Thanks to its modular back strap design, the Glock 19 Gen4 allows users to instantly customize the grip to their hand size. It also

features a reversible magazine catch to accommodate left or right handed operators. Low weight and an above-average magazine capacity make this a reliable 9mm for home defense for all genders. Stay prepared with a box of Remington HTP ammunition.

Remington HTP from ammunition store

Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is revered for both its long-distance range and incredible accuracy. A popular choice with military and law enforcement officials, it features a reversible magazine release and an array of tactical features that make it safe, dependable, and easy to use (and clean!). Don’t forget to stock up with Blazer Brass FMJ ammunition.

CZ-75 SP-01

The CZ-75 SP-01 is the first full-size handgun to feature the same manufacturing technology and ergonomics as the NATO approved CZ 75 Compact P-01 model. It’s also currently used by security forces fighting the war on terrorism, making it is an ideal 9mm for home defense. At just over 40 ounces, it is a bit heavy compared to some other popular models, but it also features exceptional accuracy and superior handling. Keep a box of Wolf Performance Ammunition on hand so you’re always prepared.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

At 19 ounces, the M&P Shield is one of the lightest weight 9mm pistols on the market and is an excellent choice for personal home protection. It sports a slim design without compromising the trusted features you’ve come to expect from the M&P line, including an 18-degree grip handle. A quick and audible reset allows for multiple rounds to be placed consistently and accurately on target. TMJ Speer Lawman ammunition is ideal for this Smith & Wesson.

TMJ Speer Lawman for 9mm home defense

Ruger SR9c

A more compact version of the Ruger SR9, the SR9c features many of the bells and whistles of the full-size version, but it’s small enough that in addition to being used for home defense it can also be comfortable tucked into a holster for concealed carry. It also features numerous safeties including an internal trigger bar interlock and striker blocker as well as a magazine disconnect and an ambidextrous manual thumb safety. A unique reversible backstrap allows you to quickly customize the size and feel of the grip. Make sure to stock up on Blazer Brass FMJ ammunition.

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