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Ammunition Store offers a selection of 6.5mm Grendel rifle ammo for sale in a variety of brands including Hornady and Wolf Performance. The highly accurate, low recoil 6.5x39mm Grendel cartridge is specially designed for use in the classic AR-15 magazine, but is sometimes used with Kalashnikov and bolt-action rifles.

The rimless, bottleneck 6.5 Grendel rifle cartridge was developed as an intermediate cartridge derived from its parent case the .220 Russian. Offering more effective long-range capability than the .50 Beowulf cartridge, the 6.5 Grendel is able to effectively target a variety of species from varmints to the white-tailed deer.

Our 6.5mm Grendel rifle ammo can be purchased in a number of grain sizes, round sizes, and bullet types. Ammunition Store is your destination for online, discounted rifle ammo, bulk ammo, and other firearm parts & accessories! Shop now and save!