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Browse our high-quality 22LR ammo for sale from our selection below. This common 22LR ammo is mainly used for sports shooting, firearms training, and hunting smaller pests. 22LR ammo first originated in 1887 and remains one of the most commonly used rimfire cartridges in the world today.

The bullet diameter of this .22 long rifle ammo ranges from 0.223 to 0.2255 inches and measures 1 inch in length. This 22LR Ammo, also called 5.6×15mmR, can effectively shoot a target from up to 150 yards away.

You can purchase 22LR ammo for sale in bulk from our listings below. We offer 22LR ammo from popular ammunition brands including Federal Premium, Lapua Ammo, and Wolf Performance. Variations of 22LR ammo include the following: