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303 British ammo is available in a variety of ammunition cases from full metal jacket to tracer bullets. The 303 British rimmed rifle cartridge, also called 7.7x56mmR, was first used as a black powder cartridge in 1888 for the Lee-Metford rifle.

303 British Ammo Usage

303 British Ammo was a standard military cartridge from its inception through the 1950s before it was replaced by the 7.62x51mm cartridge. Today the 303 British Cartridge is best used for hunting whitetail deer, moose, black bears, and also medium-sized game.

303 British Ammo Brands

Our 303 British ammo comes in a selection of grain sizes, bullet types and brands including Hornady, Military Surplus, and Wolf Performance. Ammunition Store is your premier source for rifle ammo, cheap ammo, bulk ammo, reloading supplies and other firearm supplies. Order now and save!

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