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Shop our selection of 38 Super Auto ammo for sale in our online Ammunition Store! The .38 Super Ammo cartridge was originally developed for use in the M1911 pistol. While similar to its .38 ACP and .38 Auto parent rounds, the 38 Super is loaded with higher pressures.

The 38 Super Auto declined in popularity when the .357 Magnum was released in the United States back in 1934. However, it has since made a resurgence in shooting sports, particularly through the IPSC and USPSA.  The .38 Super Pistol Cartridge maintains its popularity in Latin America due to ownership restrictions on its successors.

View our selection of 38 Super Auto ammo for sale today in our online store. Chose 38 Super ammunition from a selection of brands including American Eagle and Remington. Ammunition Store also offers gun owners a variety of other pistol ammo, shotgun ammo, and other firearm parts & accessories!