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Browse our 38 Special Ammo for sale through our online Ammunition Store! This .38 Special Ammo is a rimmed centerfire cartridge and is used for several purposes including target shooting competition & practice, hunting smaller game, and for self-defense.

This 38 Special ammunition was first designed by Smith & Wesson back in 1898. The .38 Special cartridge is identical to its parent case the .38 Long Colt, except for having a longer 1.155-inch case length. As a result, 38 special rounds are compatible with revolvers chambered for the similar .357 Magnum cartridge.

In WWI, soldiers used the .38 Special as a sidearm cartridge and it continued to be used this way by police after the war. Since its inception, .38 Spl ammo has been used mostly in revolvers and is still considered to be the most popular revolver cartridge in the world today.

You can purchase 38 Special Ammo for sale today in our online store.  Select from a variety of grain sizes and brands including American Eagle, CCI, Federal Premium, Remington, and more! Shop now & save today on a large selection of pistol ammo, bulk ammo, rifle ammo, and more!