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223 5.56x45 Ammo 55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip, Federal Tactical Rifle Urban TRU (T223F) 20 Round Box

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Bullet Type: Nosler Ballistic Tip

Bullet Weight: 55gr

Bullet Jacket: Copper

Velocity: 3,220 ft/s

Case: Brass

Powder: Non-Corrosive

Primer: Boxer

Amount: 20 Round Box

Notes: This 223 Rem round by Federal was specifically designed for AR-15 type rifles. It is also designed to be a self defense round, having excellent expansion even after penetrating barriers such as clothing and plywood. For these reason, this Federal 223 Remington round is perfect for varmint hunting, and will be stunningly lethal in that application. Shortly after penetration the bullet begins to expand and fragment, causing the wound channel to be much larger than with a FMJ round. If superior terminal ballistics are what you need, then this is the round for you.

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