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30-06 Ammo 170gr SP Federal Fusion Lite (F3006FSLR1) 200 Round Case

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Bullet Type: Fusion Soft Point

Bullet Weight: 170gr

Bullet Jacket: Copper

Case: Brass

Velocity: 2,000

Powder: Non-Corrosive

Primer: Boxer

Amount: 200 round case

Notes: Federal Fusion Lite Ammunition is loaded with a specialized bullet, perfect for deer sized game, that features an electromagnetically bonded lead core to copper jacket, eliminating the possibility of a core/jacket separation and a specialized powder that helps to reduce the felt recoil by up to 50%. This reduced recoil load is perfect for the new hunter or recoil sensitive hunter to increase their hunting experience. The boat tail rifle bullets feature a slight dimple in the nose that delivers exceptional accuracy and devastating terminal performance which delivers an impact that radiates lethal shock throughout the target. This energy is optimized through mass weight retention, a top-secret tip-skiving process and superior bullet integrity. Designed for use at 200 yards or less.

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