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AK-74 5.45x39 95 Round Drum Magazine, Clear Back, KCI mfg. (MZ029)

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Keep your 5.45x39mm Kalashnikov well fed with KCI’s AK-74 95-round drum magazine! It’s constructed of black polymer with a clear polymer front plate, and high-tensile compression springs that keep the ammo moving. The sturdy metal followers act like ball bearings - when kept properly lubricated, they will ensure an absence of misfeeds or (worse) unwanted jams. KCI’s dual-drum setup has an alternating feed system that draws one round from one drum, then the next round from the other drum, and so on. This eliminates the weight imbalance that would be caused by emptying one drum completely before starting on the other. You’ve got a fixed center of gravity during sustained fire. This 95-round AK-74 magazine comes with:

Polymer speed loader
Nylon carrying pouch
Graphite lubricant tube for the follower

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