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6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Training Ammo 10 Round Pack

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Bullet Type: Hollow copper cup

Bullet Weight: 9gr

Bullet Jacket: Copper

Case: Brass

Velocity: 2,707 ft/s

Powder: Non-Corrosive

Primer: Berdan

Amount: 10 Round Bag

Notes: This is a strange looking round indeed. The projectile is a small, hollow copper cup weighing only 6 grains and barely long enough to project beyond the neck of the case. Powered by 8.3-grains of flake powder, this unique looking projectile averages 2,707 fps in a M40 Swedish Mauser with 24" barrel. The brass case on this ammo by itself would be a great value. In fact, tens-of-thousands of rounds of this load were broken down by reloaders for the value of the brass alone. Original case was marked as "Kammarpatron m/12" and was considered "gallery" ammo.

Please note, this is NOT blank ammo and does have a projectile.

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